The Dinner Date

It’s been a tough day at work, but I’ve managed to get the early train from London. It’s been a beautiful day that’s developed into a glorious sunny evening in early spring. The day’s been hot and sticky, the weather is likely to break just in time for the weekend as per British Summertime rules. Today, a late Thursday spring evening, the sun lies low in the sky, lazily hovering just above the horizon of the Oxfordshire countryside.

My train pulls into the station, the high arches of the industrial Victorian architecture allowing the sun to stream onto the platform, it’ just after 8:30pm. I head straight to the restaurant at which we’ve agreed to meet, I am a little early so sit at a place on the street near the entrance and light a cigarette. It’s a quiet night in the city, only a few assorted couples and groups of people are meandering through this part of the town. The evening is just beginning to cool, I decide to keep my jacket on as I wait. I glance down at my watch, and then spot you sashaying toward the café, you’re looking relaxed, and you smile as I look up at you.

You’re wearing a light summer dress, heels and what I assume are stockings; the dress clings deliciously to you curves, framing your figure perfectly. As you walk the hem of your dress sway’s and curls gently with each of your strides, I’m aroused immediately. Tonight we’re not planning to play, tonight the intention is to enjoy some good food and revel in each other’s company, and tomorrow we play.

“Hi baby, how are you doing, how’s your day been?” I stand reach over and kiss you, then draw out a chair for you to sit and join me, catching the last of day’s sunshine.

“Tough day, I had talk to a couple of my staff, about their performance, I’m glad it’s over and”, “I’m seeing you” you purr. You smile again; the whole of your body seems to lighten as the tension of the day drops from you. You’re beautifully made-up, nails and lipstick vividly punctuating your beautiful demeanour. Clearly, you’ve spent some time in the office getting ready for this evening, you’re hands smooth down your dress over your thighs then reach into bag for a cigarette, as I reach over to offer a light I notice the almost imperceptible gather of your dress at the hips, the tell-tale sign of a suspender strap.

We smoke, and chat about our days, and then both walk inside the restaurant to dine. We stand holding hands waiting to be seated, as we wait for service you lean into me and whisper “I’m not wearing knickers”, “I’ve been aching to see you all day”. My cock swells, a gathering erection stretching the material or my trousers, I know my arousal must now be visible to anyone who looks at me, I hiss back through gritted teeth “tease” and kiss you again.

Thankfully a waitress looks, up and comes over to seat us, the place is quite full however most of the dinners already appear to be nearly finished. She’s slim but curvy, small, with long brown hair pulled back into a pony that hangs straight down her back ending in a point between her shoulder blades. She’s has bare legs, court shoes with a very modest heel, a black skirt and white blouse, she’s demure, just two buttons undone at her collar. The blouse only gently stretches around her body hinting at her breasts, she wears an apron the strings wrapped around her and tied in the front. She looks very inch a perfect waitress.

“Where would Sir and Madam like to sit?” I look around the room and see a vacant table in the rear corner of the room “We’ll take that table over there, if that’s Ok?” I answer; she says “of course, let me prepare it for you” We sit you with your back to the rest of the room, I opposite you. The waitress busies herself by clearing and wiping the table. Fresh cutlery and tableware are arranged then the menu’s handed to us. She leaves to serve other customers as we look through the menu. I look into your eyes, piercing pools of deep blue, your hair a vivid red falls across your shoulders “I love you baby” I say. You smile, lean over and kiss me, “I want you” you murmur.

The waitress returns and takes our order then leaves heading straight for the kitchen, ours is to be the last order of the night. “She, would make a most delightful pet don’t you think I say”, you look, and nod, a non-committal straight girls answer. I look straight at you, lean forwards towards you and you pull the hem of your dress slightly showing a little of your thighs, hinting, teasing some more. I feel my stare intensify and my passion burning “show me I command”. “Sir?” your answer, coy, slightly surprised I command again “show me, you’re not wearing any knickers”, again “Sir but…?”.

I stand, pull your chair to the side of the table then crouch before you and force open your thighs. My hand raises the hem of your dress to your waist revealing your pussy, completely shaved, your labia protruding glistening with sticky arousal, already flushed pink with your desire.

“You shouldn’t tease your Master”, I say as I stand and look around the room. The restaurant has already begun to empty, one or two couples remain seated at the bar deep in conversation facing away from us, preparing to leave. The waitress is at the bar busy with bills and receipts, she looks on unmoved. We are in a secluded and unseen oasis away from the remaining clientele.

I pull you to your feet, and bend you over the table, then lift the back of your dress, revealing your shapely arse. “Count” I command “Sir?” you purr once again, I can see your thighs have already parted. I raise my hand and spank you hard, 10 times, long slow and firm strikes, that ring out, the cheeks of your bottom already flushed pink, finally you count “10, thank you Sir, may I have another?”.

A final couple at the bar turn, then stare and smile knowingly then turn to go, it’s late and they’re leaving the waitress hands them the receipts and change, the restaurant is now empty apart from us and the waitress, she has turned to us and just stares, un-moved from her position at the bar. I stand behind you, unzip my swollen cock and slide, inside you, slowly the head gently spreading your wet sticky pussy lips, and sliding deep inside you. You’re very aroused; I can feel your muscles tightly gripping me. I know you’re already very, very, close.

My turn to tease; now I slide deeper inside you deeply; pressing all of myself into you, filling you, you wriggle a little, exquisite sensations surging through your body, you moan, beginning to breath heavily. I thrust again and again deeper, your almost there – so quickly! Your body grips me, I know you’re at that precipice where the smallest push will send you over the edge, allowing a shattering orgasm to take hold of your body, you call “Sir, please”. “Baby you’ve been a naughty girl” my turn to tease you mercilessly, I have stopped thrusting and hold still not moving “Are you sure I should allow you to come, do you really want me to fill that sweet, sweet, pussy of yours?”

“Yes sir, please Sir, I need it Sir” you gasp, panting the words, not caring who sees your desire. I slam my-self into your gaping hole, again, and again, a few more deep thrusts and you, fall into ecstasy. Your muscles release and tighten in waves as the orgasm takes you. Your legs are shaking now, your body quivering with pleasure, at last I come too my long thick cock pulsing thick gushes of love deep inside you, your legs quiver, we’re both barely able to stand.

After a minute or two I withdraw, tucking myself back into the dark trousers of my suite… I can see the indications of our passion, a droplet of pearl-like fluid nestling in the folds of sodden, swollen pussy. I pull down your dress and tell you to “sit”. Your face is flushed a deep red, your breasts swollen and flushed crimson too, your nipples stiff forcing the material of your dress to pucker and stretch. Again you smooth down the skirt of your dress over your thighs, recovering your composure. Your eye’s stare wildly about the room eventually resting on mine as you’re satisfied the restaurant is empty of patrons.

The waitress approaches the table, the barest hint of a wry smile on her lips. She stands at the side of the table, and performs a low courtesy, then stands straight, and lifts the hem of her skirt at the front, pulling it and her apron above her waist, revealing a sweet dark brown bush of pubic hair nestling between her thighs, the lips of her labia protruding slightly. She then smartly drops her hold of the hem allowing the skirt to drop recovering her modesty.

She then takes out a small pad and pencil and asks me “if Sir, and the naughty young lady are ready to order?” I order for us both, two salads, a bottle of white wine, some olives, and bread. All the time you fix the waitress with a hard stare.

“She is too presumptuous for her own good” you say, adding “She may not get the tip she expects”

The meal continues uneventfully, we finish our food, and empty the bottle of wine, chatting freely.

Apart from you sitting slightly less easily than when the evening began, nothing would reveal the firm hand applied to you for your misdemeanours earlier. At last, the waitress brings our coffees, as she places the foaming cups in front you, spilling a little. You look up at her immediately, then stare at me, I smile back gracefully, she apologises, immediately dabbing the spill with a cloth, then as she places my cup in front of me, she again spills a little, “Oh dear” I say, again she dabs at the spill saying “Sir, I’m so sorry, I’m never normally so clumsy!”.

I respond “kitten, I can help you learn to be a little less clumsy, or at least remind you to take a little more care?”, “yes Sir” she says quietly.

“Would you like that?” I ask,

“Yes Sir”

“Well, stand straight and show us that you intend to impress with your compliance”

The waitress stands straight backed, arms folded neatly behind her back and waits patiently.

I stand, and slowly unbutton her blouse and skirt, draping them over a nearby chair, you sit, sipping your coffee un-moved, looking up and down the now naked form of the waitress. Your eyes take in all her vulnerability, your reach up and squeeze her breast, her nipples brown and now erect, you smile.

I’m standing behind the waitress and turn her to face you, I then ask if you’d like her to clean up the mess, you nod, turn your chair, spreading your thighs. You unbutton your dress and let it fall open, then unclasp your bra, at which point your full breasts swing free, your pale beautiful body glows, in the half light of the now deserted restaurant.

“On your knees kitten” you command the waitress, she complies immediately. I free the belt from my trousers; push her forwards, pulling her arms back allowing me to tie the belt securely around her wrists. I push he forward again, as she tip’s, I guide her, so that her mouth cover’s your soaking wet sex, glistening, sticky from our love making earlier, now garnished with ribbons of creamy cum.

“It’s time kitten got some cream” you murmur, the waitress head dips, her tongue laps at your clit and labia, then with long slow purposeful strokes, its tip disappears inside you, your thighs widen further. “That’s it kitten, right there” you moan, you bite down hard on your lower lip.

I’ve decided it’s time to remind her of her obligations to both of us and start to strike her hard on her bare backside. “She’s becoming very wet” I tell you, I can see the dark curls of her bush covered in her juices. I release my cock once more, then slide into her from behind. She’s very, very tight, but so aroused she moans and wriggles as I thrust, and spank her arse hard again and again.

Your head has now rocked back; lost in your impeding release, the young waitress is clearly skilled at oral. I now take my thick cock, soaked in her juices, and slide myself balls deep inside her tiny little pink arsehole, she moans, and squirms, but after wriggling a little, begins to push back forcing my cock deeper.

“Sir may I come” you cry!

“Yes baby”.

Your legs and body begin to convulse again, the waitress furiously licking and sucking your clit, her tongue, searching out each fold and crease of your body, sliding inside your arse then up and around your clit. You’re now screaming and thrashing, coming again.

“And your turn kitten”, I feel my balls tighten as that familiar muscle spasm forces a jet of hot sticky spunk inside her arsehole, she is now also shaking, covered in sweat, lost in desire and the convulsions of her own pleasure.

Finally all spent, and exhausted, I rise to my feet, freeing the waitress and fastening the belt back around my waist. She kneels before me and takes my cock in her mouth to suck the last beads of come from the glans.

You, recover, dress yourself and stand, “it’s time we let this young lady” get home you say. I too arrange myself so that modesty and composure is regained. The waitress stands, mouth and chin smeared with your juices, thighs, arse and pussy, soaking wet, “thank you Sir, thank you Mistress” she pants, breathlessly, “Please call again”, We settle our bill, leaving a handsome tip and head home hand in hand.

“I love you baby” I say, you squeeze my hand tightly.

Adam Wolfe-Hunt

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